Cutieland Characters



Lucy is the ambassador of Cutieland, although she’s often referred to as the Princess,(but really, there’s no hierarchy at Cutieland). She is a green moose, and in Cutieland, green mooses have antlers. Lucy became ambassador/princess because she was the first (well, second actually, if you count Nova) creature to arrive at Cutieland. Also, Lucy has serious ambassadorial chops – she’s a good friend and a good listener. Lucy likes to keep the peace.

Whenever there’s a squabble, Lucy is called upon to mediate, and she always has good advice. Most of all, though, Lucy is really good at having fun. Playing is what she does most of the time, in fact, she learns by playing.



Heather is a husky, but unlike many huskies. Instead of howling, Heather sings. She likes to “write” her own songs, and sings out loud many times a day – to the pleasure of the Cutieland’s characters.



Sprinkle is a pink piglet. She gets her rosy hue from eating her favorite foods – beets and strawberries. Sprinkle is all about playing dress up. She’s quite the style maven. She can take a plain piece of cloth and turn it into a fashion statement. Whenever the Cuties need a special outfit, who do they call? Sprinkle of course.




Marshmellow is a sweet and gentle little lamb.  She likes to color, dance, and eat. Her favorite cooking method is baking, and she specializes in sweet treats such as cupcakes.  Marshie (as her friends call her) has recently taken up tennis lessons, and she’s quite good at it.




Prince Pickles is a wolf.  He’s a natural born leader who gentle and kind, who leads by example.  Prince Pickles is very loyal and will always be at his friends’ sides to help them out.