About Cutieland

Cutieland is the magical place of child artist Nova Xoxo (as in hugs and kisses). Nova created Cutieland when she was 3 years old – it’s what would be called her imaginary place, or, in Nova’s words, her ‘imagination’ place. Nova’s drawings and stories of Cutieland’s characters fills numerous notebooks, and come to life at We at Cutieland wish to inspire you through art and entertainment.


Mission Statement

Cutieland is a lifestyle brand which creates children’s products that brings joy and stimulates the imagination. Our goal is to  deepen children’s commitment to social values such as kindness, responsibility, and respect using the power of storytelling, relatable characters and a strong community. Each character in Cutieland will, through its own story and adventures, take children (and adults) on a journey to entertain, impact and educate through playing and having fun. The stories make us smile, laugh, think and take action. Cutieland is on a mission to positively impact the world through the purity of a child’s view.